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DiReec Screen Recorder

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  • Record both screen, webcam, and audio
  • Unlimited screen recordings in Hi-Res
  • Lag-free record with customized settings
  • One click to record with simple UI
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Win 11 / Win 10 / Win 8 / Win 7 (64-bit)

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DiReec screen recorder

Simple but Adroit Screen Recorder

Best HD Screen Recording Software

Our top-rated screen recorder allows you to record HD screen activities with high performance, thanks to its hardware acceleration feature. What’s more, the entire screen recording process is incredibly smooth. Also, our tool offers multiple recording modes, letting you record full screen or select any specific area as needed.

Hardware Acceleration Custom Recording Area
Record screen in HD

Screen Recording with Webcam Overlay

With the advanced feature of capturing webcam, the screen capture recorder also offers you the ability to record video and screen simultaneously. Furthermore, if you wish to add drawings during the recording, the built-in annotation tool can meet your needs. And your mouse cursor is always visible to guide your audience.

Display Mouse Cursor Real-time Annotations
Capture video with webcam

Take Screen Record with Audio (HQ)

Looking for the ultimate screen recording with audio in high quality? Look no further! Our screen and audio recorder enables you to capture system and microphone audio while recording screen, ensuring crystal-clear sound with advanced noise reduction tools. Plus, it also offers audio-to-text feature waiting for you to explore.

Noise Reduction Audio to Text
Record microphone and system audio

Screen Capture with Built-in Screenshot Tool

Apart from the main feature of screen recording, the DiReec all-round Mac and PC screen recorder also comes equipped with a built-in screenshot tool that ensures you capture the screen before or during the secure recording process. Whether the output is in the form of video or image, all files are free from any watermark.

Watermark-free Output 100% Safe to Use
Screen capture tool

All Outstanding Features You Need on Screen Recording Tool

  • Scheduled Screen Recording

    With the assistance of a scheduled screen recording feature, our screen recorder will automatically capture your screen activities even if you're away from your computer. Just set specific recording times in advance and enjoy it!

  • Export Multiple Output Formats

    The screen record program enables you to export your recorded files in multiple formats, making it compatible with various devices and social media platforms. For instance, MP4, MOV, AVI, MP3, JPG, and more to fulfill your needs.

  • Display Hotkeys While Recording

    Wish to one-click or press the key to record or stop screen recording? You're in the right place! With DiReec screen recorder, you can customize hotkeys from the Setting interface. After setting it up, just activate them while recording!

  • Unlimited Recording & Lossless Playback

    Handle screen record for as long as you need without any limitation on time or quantity. Thus, you can record any moment of important content effortlessly. Then, just enjoy the lossless playback at the speed of your choosing.

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Millions Use DiReec to Make Screen Records

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    In the realm of education, screen recorders must be an indispensable tool for educators when they create video tutorials, step-by-step guides or explain complex concepts. With DiReec, you can easily record screen, audio, and webcam with a clear output frame to facilitate remote learning.

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    It’s also a popular way for gamers to create gaming content or highlight reels with screen recording software and share their engaging videos to social media platforms for absorbing views. Our DiReec screen recording tool exactly offers you the power to record any game highlight with no lag.

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    Our screen recorder also plays a significant role in the era of remote work. It allows colleagues to share their faces and screens during virtual meetings, product demos, and presentations. Therefore, you can look back all your recorded files after remote meetings and will not miss any detailed key points.

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    Apart from these scenarios, the screen recording tool is also valuable for creating attractive content for content creators, individuals or social media influencers. It helps you record voice for podcast, record webcam for vlog, record screen for recreation, and more to create engaging content for sharing.

How to Record Your Screen on DiReec Screen Recorder?

Set Up a Recording

Enable the “Screen" option and choose other options like Webcam, System Audio, Microphone you'd like to record. Then, select a specific area or custom ratio.

Enable screen option

Initiate Screen Record

Once you made the selection, load any page or window you wish to record. Afterward, go back to our program and hit "REC” button to start the screen recording.

Start screen recording

Export Recorded File

When the 3-second countdown is over, just show any screen activities or audio source. Finally, click “Stop" icon, and the recorded file will automatically be saved.

Download recorded file
Enable screen option
Start screen recording
Download recorded file

We Are Highly Trusted

Gabriel Aitken

As a gamer and influencer, I heavily rely on DiReec to capture my gaming moments in exceptional high-quality. The whole game recording process is so smooth without any lagging. And what surprised me the most was the option to export the screen recording no watermark. That's incredibly convenient for me.

Isabella White

The screen recorder has simplified my remote work and become an indispensable tool in my work life. It lets me record online meetings, webinars, and product demos effortlessly, which helps me not forget any important details. And the various output formats make sharing and collaboration a breeze.

Noah Brown

I've been using the DiReec screen recording tool for months now, and it exactly makes teaching online easier. The scheduled recording feature saves time and effort, letting me not need to start recording manually at the beginning of each lesson. What’s more, my students can receive the highest quality of teaching material after each recording.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • • How can I record my screen?

    To record screen on computer, just follow the step-by-step guide below:
    1. Install the DiReec screen recorder for Windows or Mac, and run this software on your device.
    2. Enable the Screen option on the main interface, and select other recording options you need.
    3. Choose the area of the screen you’d like to record and click the REC button to initiate the screen recording.
    4. Once you've finished, hit the Stop icon to end and the recorded file will be automatically saved to your PC or Mac.

  • • What is the best screen recorder for Windows 10?

    Our DiReec screen recording program is the name of a top-rated recording tool for any walk of life who has the recording need. It boasts versatile features that let you pick up, such as scheduled recording, diverse recording modes, custom hotkeys, mouse cursor displaying, and more. All features are available for Windows users.

  • • How do you screen record with audio on PC?

    Taking screen record with audio on PC is a doddle if you choose our recording software. Simply enable the Screen, System Audio, and Microphone option; then, hit the REC button to start it. All your screen activities and audio sources will be recorded instantly.

  • • Can you screen record without an app?

    Sure, if you only wish to record and save the file online without installing any software, the online free screen recorder is your top choice. Just access the site and choose your desired recording option, your recording needs can be satisfied as well.

  • • How do you take screenshots on a PC?

    Launch our screen recording software. Try the Screenshot tool and you can capture screen on PC, Mac, or other computer devices with ease. This feature is available before or while screen recording based on your preferences.

  • • Is there a Mac screen recorder?

    Certainly, our program is not only compatible with Windows OS, but also with macOS. Although the Mac device has a built-in screen recorder, it has some limits like limited editing capability, no webcam overly, no advanced annotation tool, and more. Thus, you can use our DiReec to explore more advanced features to meet your needs.

  • • Will my screen recordings play on all devices?

    Yes, for the sake of providing high compatibility with all devices, our screen recorder offers you the powerful features of exporting recording in various formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3, JPG, etc. It enables you to play on all devices with different file formats.

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