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Best Screen Capture Software - Free & Simple

  • Capture full screen, window, or specific area
  • Annotate pictures with various draw objects
  • Save image files as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, etc.
  • Use hotkey to load screen capture tool shortly
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Win 11 / Win 10 / Win 8 / Win 7 (64-bit)

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How to Take a Screenshot on Mac/Windows?

Screen Capture

Choose the “Screenshot” tool from the main interface; then, click, hold & drag to capture a specific area.

Choose screenshot tool

Add Annotation

Adjust the selected area if necessary, then annotate the screenshot with free hand, arrow, rectangle, and more.

Add annotation on picture

Save, Copy or Pin

Once you’ve done, click “√” to save and copy to clipboard. Or hit the pushpin icon to pin it to the screen.

Save the image file
Choose screenshot tool
Add annotation on picture
Save the image file

Simple Screenshot Tool, Powerful Performance

Take a Screenshot of Any Desired Area

With the help of our screen capture software, capturing any on-screen region is a piece of cake. Whether you’d like to take full screen, windows, or particular area of the computer, this tool is undoubtedly your best choice. What’s more, it also enables you to capture individual frame of video while using the built-in recording feature.

Capture at Any Moment Custom Capture Area
Custom screen capture area

Enhance Image via Advanced Annotation Tools

For the sake of better user experience, the free screenshot tool offers hotkey allowing you to capture easier. Simply press Ctrl+Q, and you can activate the screen capture tool for taking snapchats. During capturing, try utilizing editing tools like pen, line, arrow, rectangle, ellipse, to annotate your pictures for enhanced clarity.

Hotkey Trigger Various Annotation Tools
Offer mutiple annotation tools

Pin, Copy and Auto-Save Image Files

Click the checkmark icon to automatically save the screenshot to the local folder, ensuring you never lose any captured moments. Furthermore, you can instantly paste the copied pic to your chat box or any document. Once you have pinned the screenshot to your screen, right-click it to zoom in or out for observing more details.

Pin to Screen Zoom in or out
Pin the picture to your screen

Snipping Tool & Professional Screen Recorder

Apart from the unique feature of taking screenshots on the program, you can also do more like recording screen, webcam, or audio. It’s a professional screen recorder as well to achieve all your recording needs. If you need a tool both having screen capture and record feature, exporting files with no watermark, don’t miss out our software.

Recording & Screenshot Watermark-free Export
Top-rated screen recorder and screenshot

How the Free Screen Capture Software Simplifies Your Work

  • Focused Tutorials

    Use the screen grab tool to capture annotated screenshot for your tutorial creations. Make each knowledge point on your videos more engaging & informative.

    More focus on captured picture
  • Clearer Communication

    Let your each gist of a conference deliver more precise instead of lengthy explanations. So that it allows for more productive and impactful discussions.

    Make clearer communication
  • Instant Sharing

    Capture each highlight reel from victorious game moments to any memorable occasion. And instantly share these captured screenshots with your friends.

    Help you share instantly
  • Quick Troubleshooting

    Sketch out the problem attached a detailed picture that is faster than text on solving problems effectively. Let the expert gain a clearer understanding.

    Get a more quick troubleshooting

The Versatile Screen Capture Tool

  • Image Library

    Unlike other screenshot tools that only offer capturing feature, our screen capture software has a built-in image library, allowing you to navigate the past screenshots conveniently. And easily find specific pictures through the search function.

  • Seamless Synchronization

    In the interface of image library, not only enables you to search and browse all your captured screenshots, but also lets you rename or delete the image file as needed. Once you’ve done this action, your files on the local folder will be automatically synchronized.

  • Simple & Intuitive Interface

    Choose screenshot tool or press hotkey to capture, annotate and save; these simple steps make you get desired picture effortlessly. It benefits from the simple and user-friendly interface which streamlines the whole screen capture process.

  • Privacy & Security

    Worried about your screenshots being uploaded to the server? Relax. Our screenshot tool ensures your privacy and security by never accessing any information. You can capture screenshots ever without an internet connection.

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What People Say About Our Screenshot Software

Mia Mitchell

Very impressed with DiReec. I love how it combines screenshot and screen recording features into one tool. That’s so convenient that I can capture static images and dynamic content.

Samuel Moore

The editing feature is exactly what I need!! I’m so impressed by the wide range of annotation tools available, making it easy to add text, arrow, numbering, highlights, rectangle to my ss!

Ava Turner

Amazing screen capture software! Without complex steps, it lets me capture and annotate screenshots for howto guides. Plus, the pin to screen helps me keep detailed info front while I work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • • How to screenshot on Mac?

    To screen capture on Mac, our program can also cater to your need. Simply launch the snipping tool on Mac, choose the Screenshot mode, then click and drag to capture a region. Consider adding annotations as needed. Finally, hit the checkmark button to save.

  • • How to screen capture on Windows 11?

    The screenshot tool is compatible with all versions of Windows, ensuring a smooth process for screen capture regardless of your operating system. Here are the steps:
    1. Run the software and click the Settings icon like a gear to choose the output format you prefer.
    2. When finished, select the Screenshot tool from the main interface.
    3. Start to take a screenshot by clicking and dragging to capture a specific area.
    4. Hit the √ button to copy and save the captured picture if you’re satisfied with it.

  • • Can I screen capture on Chrome?

    Capturing screen on Chrome is a breeze when you use a screen capture extension or the built-in browser feature. Our screenshot extension and scrolling capture feature are coming soon.

  • • Can I screen capture video on Mac?

    Sure, our professional screen recorder & screenshot tool provides the capability to record video on Mac with ease. With just a few clicks, you can access the Screen or Webcam mode to effortlessly record on-screen video or webcam footage.

  • • Where are screenshots saved?

    All captured screenshots are saved in the image library. Access the Files interface and switch to the list of images to check all your pictures.

  • • How to screenshot on iPhone?

    Taking screenshot on iPhone is not as difficult as you think. Just press the side and the volume up button simultaneously, and the screenshot will be captured and saved to your Photos.

  • • How to take a screenshot on Android?

    Open the screen you want to capture. Press and hold the power and the volume down button simultaneously. Once the screen flashes, your picture has been saved to the Gallery.

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