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Best Online Screen Recorder

One-click to record screen online for free in HD quality

  • No payment needed
  • With no need for logging in
  • Lag-free screen recording
  • No watermark added

Multi-modal Recording Tasks on Online Screen Recorder

  • Screen Recording

    Capture any activities on your screen using our top-tier screen recording website, which is designed to handle screen record of the entire screen, any selected window, or a custom area.

  • Audio Recording

    Make online screen record with audio from system or microphone through your browser. Alternatively, focus solely on capturing audio from various sources with no quality loss.

  • Webcam Recording

    Record screen & face in a picture-in-picture model by selecting both webcam and screen recording features. Easily record videos that establish a more intimate connection with your audience.

How to Record Your Screen?

Choose Recording Mode
Initiate Screen Recording Online
Export the Recorded File

Step 1. Choose Recording Mode

Select the recording options that best suit your needs: capture screen, webcam, system audio, or microphone. After making the selections, hit the “Start Recording” button.

Step 2. Initiate Screen Recording Online

When a menu bar displaying multiple recording modes pops up, select your desired one, which involves the entire screen, a specific window, or only a tab. Then hit the “Share” button.

Step 3. Export the Recorded File

Once the countdown timer begins, the recording initiates. Show any activities you want to record. Upon completion, click the “Stop” icon and proceed to download file to your device.

Start Recording

Capture every detail more conveniently with our user-friendly screen recorder extension.

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How a Web-based Screen Recorder Enhances Your Creations

  • Record Anything with Multiple Recording Modes

    Record Anything with Multiple Recording Modes

    Whether you’re a teacher, gamer, trainer, or anyone from all walks of life in need of capturing courses, gameplay, presentations, or tutorials, our online screen recorder is tailored to meet your needs. Choosing various recording modes such as the entire screen, window, or tab, you can effortlessly export your desired recorded files with a few simple clicks.

  • Capture with Webcam for Business Communication

    Capture with Webcam for Business Communication

    Need to record online meetings or webinars for business communication? You’ve in the right place. Thanks to the free online screen recorder, you can record all activities with webcam to enhance your workflow. Whether you wish to record webcam video and screen simultaneously or separately, the screen recorder website simplifies the process.

  • Unlimited Screen Record Online for Content Creation

    Unlimited Screen Record Online for Content Creation

    Online screen recording tool is also ideal for individuals who want to create compelling content for media platforms & streaming sites. With the ability to record screen with audio, content creators can produce unlimited screen and voice recordings to suit their needs. This tool allows we-media people to generate creative videos that engage viewers.

Explore More Advanced Features on Pro Version

  • Custom recording area
  • Record without limits
  • Schedule recording
  • Annotate as you record
  • High-Res supported
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Diverse output formats
  • Capture screenshots
  • Trim recorded videos
  • Free Screen Recorder Online
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  • 720p
  • --
  • WebM Only
  • --
  • --
  • Start Recording

Why Choose DiReec Free Screen Recorder?

  • Online Screen Recording or Other Concurrent Options

    Take the screen record online without the need to login in. Alternatively, record screen with audio, synchronize screen and facecam, or simultaneously record screen, webcam, audio.

  • Make Online Screen Record on Windows/Mac

    Effortlessly use the screen recorder website on any desktop device like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Moreover, manage the screen record online free on any browser and OS.

  • Online Screen Recorder with No Installation Needed

    No need to worry about your computer’s storage space. Access our free screen recorder for PC & Mac directly from any browser without installing third-party software.

  • Guarantee Data Security though Record Screen Online

    Use a secure server and encryption technology to ensure a 100% safe screen recording. Rest assured that all recorded files won’t be given away on our recording site.

  • Simple to Use with Web-based Screen Recording Tool

    Offer a newbie-friendly interface suitable for individuals at any level of recording knowledge to record screen online easily. Plus, the intuitive UI allows for one-click exporting.

  • Unlimited Times of Online Screen Recording

    Gain the ability to handle unlimited times of screen record online due to the powerful feature that removes any times limit. Capture and create your content as often as needed.

FAQs about Online Screen Recording Tool

  • • What is the best free online screen recorder?

    The DiReec web-based screen recording tool is exactly the cutting-edge solution for all users with recording needs. Apart from allowing you to record screen online with no fee to be paid, it supports various recording modes, ensures data security, and boasts an intuitive interface, letting you record screen/webcam/audio easily with no lag.

  • • How to record my screen online?

    To make the screen record online, simply keep pace with the following steps to get desired files with just a few clicks:
    1. Access the online screen recorder and choose your wanted recording options of screen, webcam, audio, and more.
    2. After that, hit the Start Recording button and select the recording mode you wish. Once you've done this, hit the Share button.
    3. Take any action on your screen, and then click the Stop icon when you’re ready to end the process. Finally, hit Download button to save it.

  • • Is online screen recording secure?

    Sure, the recording process is completely safe with our reputable and trusted screen recording tool. It prioritizes data security and offers advanced encryption technology to protect your recorded content. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the issues regarding information disclosure.

  • • How to record online streaming video?

    Whether you wish to record video from screen or webcam, the DiReec online screen recorder can cater to your needs. Simply choose the recording option and mode with a few clicks, and the recording process will initiate. Once you need to end it, simply click on the Stop icon.

  • • Can I make the online screen record with audio?

    Absolutely. Our screen recording website provides an audio option for you to choose from. Simply enabling options to capture from system audio and microphone, all audio sources could be recorded instantly without any interruption.

  • • Can I screen record without an app?

    Yes, the whole recording process cannot be reliant on a mobile or desktop app if you utilize a reliable online screen recording tool. Besides no installation requirement, you can make use of all features on DiReec without creating an account or logging in.

  • • Where can I find my videos after recording?

    When the screen recording is complete, your videos are typically saved in a default location on your device. You can press Ctrl+J on your browser to access the Download page and find all recorded files in the folder.

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