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Check if your microphone works properly throughout the free online tool

We value your privacy.

Your mic test is never uploaded to our server or recorded, ensuring that only you can access the audio feed.

Mic Test

About DiReec Microphone Test

With our web-based mic test, checking your microphone's functionality is a breeze. No matter the type of microphone or the browser you're using, our voice tester allows you to verify your mic on any device, anywhere. Simply click the test button and speak into your microphone. Then you can get clear feedback by playing recorded content.

How to Test Microphone Online?

Start Mic Test
Grant Microphone Access
Playback & Check Audio

Step 1. Start Mic Check

Navigate to our online mic test website from any browser. Once on the site, simply hit “Start Mic Test” to initiate the mic testing.

Step 2. Grant Microphone Access

A prompt appears asking for permission to access your microphone. Click on “Allow” to active the microphone and begin testing.

Step 3. Playback & Check

When prompted, speak into your microphone at a normal volume. After that, hit “Stop” button to stop recording and check the recorded audio.

Start Recording

Clear Sound: Online Mic Test Features

  • Audio Test Before Online Interaction

    Audio Test Before Online Interaction

    Know your mic, hold online event: wish to ensure a crystal-clear audio for a smooth online interaction? You’ve in the right spot! Regardless of what type of microphone you have, you can effortlessly test it via this online checker before any important video call, conference, or presentation.

  • 100% Ease-to-Use & Free Mic Tester

    100% Ease-to-Use & Free Mic Tester

    Simple as 1, 2, 3: Even if you’re a non-technical user without any experience on how to test mic online, getting it done is a doddle via our platform. No download, no sign-up needed. Simply access our site and initiate testing in seconds. Plus, all the features of testing are completely free for any user.

  • All-in-One Audio Recorder and Tester

    All-in-One Audio Recorder and Tester

    Test, record, and playback: This is more than a mic test tool. Aside from testing online, our platform also allows you to record and playback audio. It’s your complete audio toolkit. What’s more, if you wish to access more advanced features like noise reduction, try Pro version as needed.

FAQ about Microphone Testing Tool

  • • How do I test microphone on Windows 10?

    Our platform is compatible with any web browser and operating system. Simply visit our web-based mic test and check if your microphone works well on Windows 10.

  • • Is it safe to handle mic test online?

    Task ease. The online microphone test is completely safe. We only access your microphone with your permission, and no testing data is uploaded to the server.

  • • Can I test an external microphone?

    Sure. Whether it’s an internal or external microphone that you wish to check, our site can fulfill your needing. Just connect the mic to your device and handle the audio check.

  • • How do I test microphone and playback?

    We not only offer the microphone testing functionality, but also provide the playback and recording features. After testing, you will switch to the playback interface where you can check or choose to save the audio as needed.

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Last Updated: 2024-05-31

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